Terms & Conditions/ FAQS

Last Updated 10.17.23

Contact : 

  • Customer Service Hotline (215)-237-0738
  • Email : support@brandartiststudios.com

To look at a various variety of our projects you may check our social media pages @thebrand_artist via Instagram.

Business Hours:

Monday | Wednesday | Friday : 12-6pm EST

Tuesday & Thursday : CLOSED


  • Please allow up to 48 hours for any inquires , questions or concerns to be responded to. When contacting us please list your name in the subject line or if you currently have an open order with us please put your order number in the subject line. 
  • If for any reason we are closed on a day that is not a major holiday or weekend it will be listed on the top of our website header & our instagram page under " Updates"


  • All contact regarding drafts, final drafts will be sent VIA EMAIL. Under no circumstances will projects be sent via social media. We will NOT answer any questions about pre existing orders through any other platform besides email and text.  
  • If for any reason you have a question or concern that is not already answered on our website you may schedule a phone consultation. Please be aware that we could possibly be working on projects so allow a 48 hour turnaround time for us to get back to your inquiry. 
  • The Brand ARTist would prefer an Do Not Disturb atmosphere please voice all questions & concerns prior too booking. It is very important to give us the proper time to work on all of our clients projects, to ensure we get them sent out in an orderly fashion. If you are reaching out about an order please give us the appropriate time to get back to your questions or concerns. 
  • All contact must be through graphicsbyyae@gmail.com or our customer service line @  (215)237-0738. 

New Client Policies 

  • All new clients MUST book a MANDATORY phone consultation to begin the process of working with TheBrandARTist. This consultation ensures that you're serious about the process and are ready to begin. The $25 is credited to your account and goes towards the remaining balance of your service. All new clients will also apply to work with us to ensure that your vision aligns with our studios. We pride ourselves on working with clients who we know can work well together as a team and help brand your business.  

Client Communication 

We pride ourselves on effectively working on all of our clients orders in a timely manner. In order for us to get our orders out by the projected date, we need our clients to effectively communicate when drafts are emailed & sent out. Please understand that after your drafts are sent it's important you respond within the 48 hour window timeframe. If you choose to not respond within 5 days of your drafts being sent their will be a $40 restart fee. Our time is valuable and all of our projects are unique and catered to each order and niche we work with. Not responding back in a timely manner will set our orders back for all other projects that are currently open at that time. If you choose to not respond to drafts within 7 business days your order will be cancelled & we cannot guarantee a refund due to the natures of our services. Please communicate the appropriate wording you wish to have on the project you book with us , being as though the wording and or catch phrases will be used to complete your order.

    Drafts Policy

    • All drafts are sent through email in your client portal, should you not be assigned one please reach out to support@brandartiststudios.com You have 48 hours to respond to your drafts either approving or responding with revisions for  your service. Failure to do so WITHOUT proper communication will result in a FORCE FINALIZATION. Responding to your drafts in an orderly fashion will help the process go smoother. If for any reason you need an extension on reviewing your drafts please communicate that to the email listed above. 
    • If for any reason you ghost TheBrandARTist in the middle of the design process your project will be FORCED FINALIZED & all graphics that are made up to that point will be turned over to you . 


    • If an invoice has been created for you it must be paid within 48 hours of the invoice being emailed. Unless discussed otherwise with TheBrandARTist, after 48 hours your invoice will be cancelled. 

    Phone Consultations are scheduled amongst TheBrandARTist & that specific client at the time depending on both parties scheduling.

    Phone Consultation Policy

    • If you have scheduled a phone consultation their will be a 20 min grace period time. If their is no response after the 20 min grace period time you will be able to reschedule . If for any reason you miss your rescheduled date you will have to purchase a new phone consultation. 

    Social Media Promotion

    All projects will be turned over to the client at the end of the design process . All projects will be posted for social media promotion ONLY

    Revisions/ Files 

    • Revisions are to be made while the design process is on going, we pride ourselves on making sure that all our clients are satisfied with the service that they've paid for. Each service comes with 3 complimentary revisions, if for any reason you surpass your 3rd revision this will be an additional $25 fee that will be sent via invoice to your email. Please be in mind that you must be specific in great detail of the revisions you'd wish to have. 3 revisions mean , EX : Hello, I would like the font changed , the color changed & switch the wording. This is considered 3 revisions if needing more you will pay a $25 fee for an additional set of 3 revisions. 
    • Please be aware that ALL REVISIONS MUST BE MADE AT THE REVISION WINDOW PROCESS . We will only revise projects at the time given to you
    • You ( the client ) have 48 hours after your project is completed to add last minute changes. After the 48 hour window their will be no more edits or revisions done to your order, it is now considered completed. Before finalizing your projects please make sure all the information, color scheme and info you wish to have on your design is correct.

    Files Policy 

    • After your draft is approved please allow up to 48 hours to receive your Dropbox with all of your files via email.
    • Please be sure to save all drop box files immediately after being sent , as we will not store your files for you.

    Service's Policy 

    • Unless on a retainer with TheBrandARTist the services you have purchased must be used at the time of purchase. You will not be allowed to spread out services amongst a period of time unless discussed otherwise. 

    • If for any reason you chose to dispute any service that you’ve paid for from TheBrandARTist , you’ll be BANNED from booking any service permanently. If you are not satisfied with your not satisfied with your service please communicate that rather than disputing charges .
    • If for any reason you cannot respond to your drafts within the appropriate timeframe please relay that to us. We will NOT re-open ANY order by a client that has ghosted us. After 7 days your order will be closed in DEFINITE & will be closed out. 


      • All orders will be required to send in your real ID Identification to continue on with your order. You will be sent a link immediately to fill out. You have 24 hours to complete this step. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation of your order. All payments are due before any design is created. We do not accept deposits or cash app payments or any other payments outside of our website unless discussed otherwise between ( you ) the client & TheBrandARTist.

      Turnaround Times 

      Al La Carte Service & Logo Developments : 10-15 Business Days 

      Website Developments & Packages  :  1-3 Business Weeks

      • Your turnaround time does NOT began until all proper documentation is in. If your service requires a phone consultation, your turnaround time will NOT began until the consultation is had & all documentation that is needed after the consultation has been returned back to TheBrandARTist.
      • If you place an order on the weekend your turnaround time will not began until the next business day. EX: if you purchase on a Friday your turnaround time does not began until the following Monday. 
      • All design forms are labeled and listed on our website, you have 24 hours to respond to the series of questions listed on our website. Please answer these questions to the best of your ability as we will use the information to complete & fulfill your order. Please read each question throughly and only fill out which applies to the service you have paid for. 
      • Unless you are a VIP client, A Retainer Client OR have paid a rush fee your order CANNOT SKIP THE LINE OF TURNAROUND TIME.

       Refunds/ Cancellations 

      • If for any reason you want to cancel a service already paid for you may do so. Please understand that you will not be refunded & all project designs will remain in TheBrandARTist Studios  possession. Due to the nature of the service, if you have an issue wit the service please contact us.

      As the designer I have the right to the following 

      - Refusing difficult clients 

      - Unable to provide proper documentations OR unable to make a clear decision on what it is they exactly want 

      - Unable to give sufficient reasons on why they don't like their service.

      - Not complying with brand policies , not having proper information at the time of booking.

      - Refusing to replicate any other designers work. We will NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE recreate any other designers work. We believe all clients projects should be unique & special to their brand.

      Difficult clients will NOT be tolerated & will result in a ban from booking.

      Terms & Conditions

      • You ( the client ) understand that you have read , agreed & fully understand the following policies. You also will sign our design form that also states you fully understand the following policies & turnaround time. 

      • Please refrain from using words such as " Luxury" and " Make It Pop" words such as these have many different meanings to all individuals. When explaining your vision please use words like " My inspiration is __________ and send pictures describing your vision & using specific words that will explain in further detail what your vision is. 
      • You ( the client ) has filled our apply to work with us form . 
      • You ( the client ) have completed the Website Design Checklist stating that you have met all requirements to achieve a website design.

      By purchasing any design service you ( the client ) are agreeing to all terms & conditions listed here. It is your duty as ( the client ) to throughly read through all of our terms & conditions before purchasing.