Q: When Is The Appropriate Time To Book With You For A Campaign?


A : Campaigns should be booked 30 days prior to the official launch date of your campaign. Booking in advance will prevent any mishaps from happening with your launch & it also gives proper timing to market and strategize your launch. 


Q : Do You Require Professional Pictures For Services?

A : YES! You must have professional pictures to be eligible for content creation or a website design.


Q : What Are New Client Requirements?

A : If you're a new client, all clients are required to fill out our " Apply To Work With Us" Form located on our menu bar to make sure your brand values match our design studio.


 Q : I Don't Know Where To Start, Can You Help Me?

A : Yes, Of Course! Please book a phone consultation to ensure you have the proper guidance for your brand.


Q : Do You Accept Deposits?

A : No, all payments MUST be paid in full before any design is started. If for any reason you need a payment plan outside of our payment processors please reach out


Q : What Is The Clients Role During The Design Process ?

A : Once your order has began and you've had your phone consultation. The BrandARTist would prefer a Do Not Disturb Atmosphere to ensure all orders have her undivided attention.


Q : What Is A Revision ?

A : A Revision is revising work that is ALREADY created at the time of drafts. 


Q : Who Owns The Designs Once Created?

A : All designs will be turned over to ( you the client) once projects are approved.


Q : Do You Offer Rush Fees?

A : Yes, on select items it'll ask you the turnaround time you wish to have. Please keep in mind rush fees are only during business hours. Excluding Weekends & Holidays